Our assignments vary.  Sometimes we're asked to create an entirely new landscape or hardscape; sometimes we come in to improve or add to what is already there.   It's the difference between building a new house or sprucing up the old with a coat of paint or enhanced features.  Both kinds of assignements require careful planning and design.   For landscaping we must consider location and context, soil suitability, lighting and of course the owner's vision and hopes for the space.  Hardscapes offer a different kind of challenge because, beyond the visual effect we want to accomplish, hardscapes often have a utilitarian purpose.  A wall must contain, a path must allow for foot trafic, a platio sufficient space to accomodate its proposed use.

Access our portfolio by clicking on individual categoreis in the dropdown menu (above).  It will give you a sense of what we have done and, as such, a hint of what we might do for you.